Company Profile

ASTA INDIA Pvt Ltd is a part of Global Equity Partner Group (with Head Quarters at Austria) which has a global presence in the field of Copper and Copper products.  ASTA Elektrodraht, Austria, who have established themselves as global leader for providing Electrical Winding solutions across the globe with global market share of over 25%. The talent, technology and technical know-how available with ASTA, Austria, which has over 100 years of experience in the field, was best utilized by the Group by expanding its business in China, and India that gave birth to ASTA-China and ASTA-India.

ASTA-India is an emerging quality producer of Continuously Transposed Conductors (CTC) which would be catering to the demand of both national and international manufacturers of large Power transformers and other wide variety of transformers where CTC is used as the current carrying component of the equipment.

ASTA India plant shares the vision and commitment to quality that was established over a century ago in Austria. Vadodara based facility is located on 71642 sq.mtrs. area and houses 8911 sq.mtrs. of manufacturing space.

By working closely with customers and our sister companies in Austria and China , the ASTA India facility prides itself on meeting and exciding customer requirements and strives for complete customer satisfaction.