CTC (Continuously Transposed Conductors)

Throughout the world, ASTA has been a synonym of environmetally friendly production of high quality winding wire for use in electrical machinery. Specifically, ASTA is a worldwide leading manufacturer of Continuously Transposed Conductors.

Many of the electrical engineering solutions on the market today come from ASTA. Our engineers will be glad to advise you on customized products and assist you with their knowledge and experience in finding optimum solutions. Efficient logistics and flexible production supported by state-of-the-art plant enable ASTA to fulfill special customer requirements promptly. This is why all international electrical engineering groups have been working together with ASTA on a partnership basis for many years.

Customized engineering aimed at optimizing the cost efficiency of customer products and quality assured by strict testing methods conforming to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 have been the foundations of the company’s success. Customer orientation, innovation, global marketing, zero defect strategies, process oriented infrastructure, and high employee motivation will continue to ensure ASTA’s success in the future.

Number of single strips: 5 – 65
Width of single strips: 2.80 – 12.50 mm
Thickness of single strips: 0.90 – 4.00 mm
Max. b1 : s1 ratio: >= 2.5:1 to <= 8:1
Max. cross section of single strips: 36 mm2
Width of bundle (axial): <= 26 mm
Height of bundle (radial): <= 90 mm
CTC Paper Insulated
CTC With Low Chip Epoxy Coated Single Strips, Paper Insulated
Giant CTC (Paper Insulated, Max, Bundle dimensions (WxH)26 x 90 mm Max number of single strips 65
Netting Tape CTC (With Low Chip Epoxy Coated Single Strips Max, Bundle dimensions (WxH) 26 x 90 mm Max number of single strips 65
Netting Tape CTC Widht additional insulation on one side
Netting Tape CTC with additional L shaped insulation