Welcome to ASTA INDIA

ASTA INDIA PVT LTD is a part of ASTA Energy Transmission Components (ETC) with Head Quarters in Austria. ASTA ETC has a global presence in the field of Copper and Copper products. ASTA Elektrodraht, Austria, who have established themselves as a global leader for providing Electrical Winding solutions across the globe with major global market share, the talent, technology and technical know-how available with ASTA, Austria, which has over 100years of experience in the field, was best utilized by the Group by expanding its business in China, India and Brazil as ASTA-China, ASTA-India and ASTA-Brazil.

Round Copper wire
H-class line
11 Years of Global Experience

Pioneering work in CTC Technology field.

By working closely with customers and our sister companies in Austria, China and Brazil, the ASTA India facility prides itself on meeting and exciding customer requirements and strives complete customer satisfaction.

Our Manufacturing Facilities

ASTA India plant shares the vision and commitment to quality that was established over a century ago in Austria. Vadodara based facility is located on 71542 sq. mts. area and houses 16800sq.mts. of manufacturing space.

As a leading manufacturer of CTC for large power transformers, ASTA India has co-ordinated with major electrical engineering companies to ensure continuous improvements in the conductor material without compromising on its reliability. ASTA offers designing solutions that allow to configure reliable transformers with high quality and considerable savings. The achievements of the company can be attributed to the cost efficient engineering of customized products and the superior quality assured by the meticulous quality management system – accompanied by logistical competence, innovative solutions and good employment practice.

Benefits and Rewards

Having complete access to the Austrian technology and comprehensive processing support from ASTA Austria, ASTA India launched its operation in India at Vadodara industrial area in July 2009. Within a short span of time, it has the distinction of getting awarded the Quality approvals from all major customers – both national as well as Global – upholding world class Quality management, Environmental, and Operational health & safety standards.

It was therefore, not a surprise that ASTA India, by virtue of its best practices adopted across all functions, Awarded with ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certifications by TUV-Nord. ASTA India is also an approved supplier of CTC for transformers supplied to India’s leading Power sector giants- National Thermal Power corporation (NTPC), Power grid corporation of India, Nuclear Power corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) and all major state electricity boards.

Our Vision

Our long-term objective is to expand market shares through organic growth in our core business. To tap into new growth markets that we currently do not service. In order to secure our successful path in the future as well, we want to establish additional alternate product and customer segments.

Our Mission
  • Our Mission is to assert ourselves on the market as technology leader.
  • Focus on R&D today for the benefit of customer requirements of tomorrow.
  • Participate in joint R&D projects with strategic customers & provide competitive Solutions.
  • Introduce ASTA Global Quality Systems.
  • Signing of long term contracts with strategic customers.
Our Values
  • All actions are governed by integrity, sincerity and transparency.
  • Customer is the king – We deliver total customer Satisfaction.
  • Teamwork and sharing knowledge on all levels is the Key of our success.
Our Focus

We focus on our core competence, innovation, leadership, encouragement and development of our personnel. We strive for continual improvement of our business processes in consultation with our customers and regard our social responsibility as strategic key factor and integral part of ASTA India’s specific corporate culture.

Success in engineering invariably depends on innovation and prudence. We require and encourage all our employees to develop creativity initiative. This enables us to work together with our customers as partners to provide the best possible and sustainable solutions for their applications in terms of both quality and cost. Our solutions comply with the state of the art, with all relevant regulations, standards and safety requirements and our solutions are particularly gentle to the environment.

Our Responsibility

Environment protection is an important element of ASTA India’s corporate strategy.

As a part of our responsibility, we implement environmental management by using our environment and scarce natural resources with care, and by taking it as an opportunity to improve our efficiency.

ASTA India takes co-ordinated measures to create consistent, sustainable quality standards and makes sure all corporate areas will methodically follow clearly defined guidelines to meet these standards. To achieve this objective, Management places particular emphasis on the competence of each department and each employee’s willingness to take responsibility.

The corporate objective of ASTA India is to create the best possible customer benefit and maximum customer satisfaction by making optimum use of all its engineering, economic and human resources to ensure the existence of our company for the years to come.


By adhering to compliance and corporate integrity, ASTA understands not only compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, but also respect for the principles of ethics, good corporate governance and the fulfilment of social expectations.

Compliance is seen and lived not only as a “must have” but as a basis for the long-term success of the ASTA Group.

In order to underline the importance of this principle, we have summarized the core points of all essential legal and company-internal rules of conduct in our directives, which apply not only with the Group, but in all business relations.

Compliance as the core of our business

Our key to business integrity

These guidelines form the core of our compliance system and are the basis for all decisions. We want to settle such responsible behaviour permanently in the thinking and actions of all our employees. It is clear that, in the event of infringement of these rules, we will react with a zero-tolerance policy.

Guidelines as the basis of our compliance system

Based on the guidelines, ASTA is currently implementing a comprehensive system of measures to ensure that our business is always fully consistent withal laws, regulations as well as our internal principles and rules.

Mr. Manish Madaan

Managing Director/CFO of ASTA India

ASTA always works as a business partner and effectively contributes to complete value chain for Transformer manufacturers, delivering quality products with standard manufacturing process worldwide and having Customers continuous recognition and appreciation.

Global Presence of ASTA
ASTA Austria
ASTA Elektrodraht GmbH
  • World’s largest manufacturers of CTCs for transformer
    industry Roebel bars for generator industry.
  • Pioneering work in CTC Technology field.
  • Annual capacity of 22000MT
  • 100% Owned by ASTA Holdings
ASTA Austria
ASTA China:

ASTA Conductors co. ltd

  • Manufacturer of Continuously Transposed and
    Paper covered Conductors for transformer industry.
  • Annual capacity is 9500MT.
  • 100% Owned by ASTA holdings.
ASTA China
ASTA Brazil


  • Manufactures a wide range of enamelled and
    wrapped products.
  • Annual capacity of 20000MT
ASTA Brazil