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ASTA Technology is all about supremacy in reliability and economics.

In the recent past, world has witnessed solutions for large power transformers – whether GSUs or Inter-Tie transformers. It is the constant dialogue between ASTA technician team and transformer designers that have made it possible to bring out the most valuable changes in the winding design – where reliability and economic aspects have been emphasized as foremost factors.

Challenges offered by LV winding of GSUs – like, high current, high magnetic stray field – especially high radial component at the winding ends, radial compressive forces during short circuit, risk of bulking etc  – have been comprehensively met by ASTA by providing solutions like giant CTCs – which help to improve the space factor. Using it with Netting tape (ASTA patent) instead of paper insulation, not only even further increases the space factor (up to 30%), it also improves the thermal performance (decrease in temp gradient by over 50%).

To make the winding short circuit-proof, epoxy bonding has been used for CTCs. In order to withstand the compressive radial forces without bulking, a minimum stiffness of conductor – which is dependent on the property of the material and section modulus of the conductor, is necessary. CTCs without bonding naturally have a low section modulus – not sufficient enough to make the winding of a large GSU transformer short circuit-proof.

ASTA low-chip technology offers enormous advantages such as:  partial discharge-free HV winding having high series capacitance of transformer, saving (increase of winding factor up to 7%). High short circuit force stability, high efficiency of transformer, saving on winding supports, optimal cooling, improved throughput, cost saving potential up to 5-10%.

For different and sometimes contrary requirements regarding the proper winding design in large Power transformers, ASTA offers solutions which allow to design reliable and yet competitive transformers. In evaluation of a consequent application of ASTA’s fleet of conductor materials, studies have demonstrated that based on the total cost of a transformer savings of about 3% to 5% are achieved.

On top of these savings, with ASTA inside – what is granted for the life of the transformer are – Highest Quality and long-term reliability!