Our Major Customers



Throughout the world, ASTA has been a synonym of environmentally friendly production of high quality winding wire for use in electrical machinery. Specifically, ASTA is a worldwide leading manufacturer of Continuously Transposed Conductors.

Many of the electrical engineering solutions on the market today come from ASTA. Our engineers will be glad to advise you on customized products and assist you with their knowledge and experience in finding optimum solutions. Efficient...


Product Range

  • CTC (Continuously Transposed Conductors)
  • CTC With Paper Insulation
  • CTC With Low Chip Epoxy Coating
  • Netting Tape CTC With Low Chip Epoxy Coating
  • Netting Tape CTC With Low Chip Epoxy Coating Single Strips


We at ASTA india understand our social responsibility towards our stakeholders..

The journey in this direction started :

  • Medical aid to Pillol school children
  • General medical check up of the employee’s family members residing near by Savli

We have donated a computer to pillol school…It is very important to know how to operate a computer in current scenario…One of our computer expert goes to the school every week and teaches children how